Looking to Hire the Right People for Your Business Success?

Let’s take care of Staffing in your workplace.

Engaging new staff and immersing them in your workplace is often time consuming and can be a legal minefield when it comes to making sure you are compliant with all legislation.

We can assist you in getting new employees within record time, get them up and running as soon as possible, providing a quick return on investment.

Our Offers

Reviewing and Developing Position/Job Descriptions

Posting Job Adverts and Tracking Same

Conduct Interviews and Shortlist Best Candidates

Reviewing and Developing Employment Contracts

Providing Advice Regarding Employee Background Checks, Commencement Documentation and Record Keeping

Salary Benchmarking

Reviewing, Developing and Delivering Orientation and Induction Programs (including workplace Health and Safety) to suit your Workplace

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Recruitment Process can be time consuming

Let us take care of the Recruitment process while you focus on your core business function.